A walk around the “cosmic” Visaginas

Visaginas can be definitely titled as the cosmic city of Lithuania, although there was no space industry ever. It is seen as mysterious city intriguing by atomic past, a set of urban oddities and unique inner culture.

We invite you to wander through the labyrinths of Visaginas stories: to stroll around the courtyards, catch the fading signs of the past, experience the utopian harmony between the city and the forest, listen to its soundscape. The main question to be answered: how was the youngest Lithuanian city built?

The guided tour is designed for curious travelers tired of superficial  Wikipedia style narratives. Take this as an expedition into space, where you will explore the planet of Visaginas.

Tour duration: 1,5-2 h

The walk will be led by Oksana - an enthusiast of Visaginas micro-narratives and an activist of culture.



Tel. (8 386) 70 160

VšĮ IAE regiono verslo ir
turizmo informacijos centras
Taikos pr. 7, LT-31107 Visaginas