Cemetery of Magūnai village and the chapel

Magūnai village is one of the oldest countries of Visaginas surroundings known as Breslauja poviet’s village in historical sources. In the beginning of XVII century the trial had proceeded and several local residents were punished to death for the sorcery. Recent village cemetery is related with the name of Gūris (Kalnėnas) landlord Butleris. In 1833 he had buried his own preteen sun and built a chapel above his grave. The chapel was bricked from field stones using the binder – lime. Wooden parts are painted in yellow and white (around the door). Front side of the doors includes 4 painted columns. A small incuse cross – the sun terminates the top of the chapel. There are a lot of various monuments in the cemetery. Some of them are very old (dated since 1891). The cemetery of Magūnai village and the chapel are incorporated in the register of the objects of culture heritage.

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