LitWild – Activity holidays in Lithuanian nature

LitWild is a family business specialising in guided hiking and activity tours in the Aukštaitija region, north-east part of Lithuania. We offer an opportunity to escape the concrete jungles, feel the connection and unity with the nature and enjoy the fresh air. Our tours are a way to rejuvenate, to take care after your health and to clear your mind. We can accommodate both pre-planned and last-minute holidays - we believe it's never too late or too early to plan an escape to the outdoors. At the moment, LitWild offers several short one-day hikes in the surroundings of Visaginas and one 7-day "all inclusive" tour in the forests and lakes of the Zarasai region, all accompanied by an experienced local guide. We take care of all organizational questions of the hikes, from creating routes, hand-picking accommodation and organising meals provision to making master-classes arrangements with craftsmen and ensuring safety and security of the tour. All information about the services we provide and detailed descriptions of the tours can be found on our website or by emailing or ringing us using the contact information listed below. Book your nature escape today! Tel: +370 626 41011 +370 696 23096 Draugystes g.23-35, Visaginas 31213 El.paštas: 20621167_320607698388462_1019550510007206170_n

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