Kalviškiai village cross

Without having any archival documents it is difficult to decide when the village had emerged. It is known that in 1783 in the Breslauja parish visitation book Kalviškiai and other close villages are mentioned as the domain of the landlord Juzefas Burega. This is the first written knowledge about the village. The village in cartography was pictured in 1845 for the first time. This was in the map of three versts scale of tsarist Russia. Kalviškiai village is interesting for the fact that there only the only Jakučiai had lived. The linguists Jakučiai surname find already in the documents of XVI century. In old times Kalviškiai was an ordinary village having a street in its middle. From the old time the neighborhood of Kalviškiai, in Užkalviškė, Petravičiai homestead had included a cross so the residents of Kalviškiai had considered being a point of honor to set their own cross. The stones were carried and the cross was built by all villages. The construction had performed more than one year. There were no mechanisms special paths were done in order to bowl the stones (some stones had weighted about 200–300 kg). There was planned that the cross will be of 22 m height but hurriedly everything had stopped 16 m. The cross was built for the mention of the occasion of 500th anniversary of Vytautas the Great death.

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