Aquarium salon

Aquarium salon was established in January of 2000. More than 100 sorts of tropical freshwater fishes live, grow and breed there – from the neon of centimeter length to kilogram weighted piranhas and a freshwater moray of half meter length. Marine aquariums include sidy coral groper, impeller, fishes-butterflies, clowns, surgeons and other. The plants of tropical lands greens in the water (even Madagascar laceleaf). Some turtles live in one of the aquariums among the fishes of Lithuania’s lakes. Jaunystės g. 21, LT-31230, Visaginas. Tel. (8 686) 15021. working time: II–VI: 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Tel. (8 386) 70 160

VšĮ IAE regiono verslo ir
turizmo informacijos centras
Taikos pr. 7, LT-31107 Visaginas